Dear all we have got the extreme pride to introduce our most recent technologically updated production lines created by big FMeccanica one of the greatest well-known Italian leaders in manufacturing marble processing machineries and equipments Gang saw
Open structure marble gang saw for blocks sawing to produce slabs at different thickness with a particular mechanical solution that grants the perfect clearance and the perfect thickness with (0) tolerance.


Calibration machine

Content and uniform contact between tool and material is guaranteed thanks to accurate design structural study of all components of calibrating heads and holder plates.


Chemical treatment line

Our chemotherapy process begins and is followed by IR ovens that grant maximum efficiency of the chemical treatment which is proudly manufactured by AKEMI In Germany & TENAX in Italy.


Polishing machine

It can polish slabs with maximum thickness of 10 cm, and maximum width of 210 cm. Our polishing machine has stood for high production levels and high quality of polishing thanks to a solid and compact machine structure together with polishing heads and abrasive- holder plated designed and manufactured after exhaustive studies. The machine can work at maximum speed while achieving very high quality standards. The use of robotized loading and unloading units makes it possible to produce slabs – handling time & risk significantly both before and after polishing and to further increase the production capacity.


Waxing machine

Our slabs waxing machine is the result of a careful analysis of the behavior of stone materials and waxes. It is comprised of four spindles and equipped with special sensors that allow the most suitable slab waxing stroke even when processing slabs of different dimensions. Its also controlled by a PLC that enables the dialog with the rest of the processing line without compromising the automatic work process
The machine is also equipped with a wax dispenser with four independent tanks.


Bridge cutter

Also manufactured by one of the Italian leaders producing bridge cutter with extreme finishing quality & high production capacity.



After all, our final products should have been packed very carefully by our caring handx and treated extremely fragile that to guarantee the exact shape delivery to the hands of our precious customers.



Our quarries are located all over Egypt to produce the very ability of the required stones worldwide.