Dear customers we have got the great pleasure to introduce ourselves to your good selves after our recent revolutionary technological development. This development has been made mainly to highly serve the concept we have been following long time ago. That concept which builds our huge customers base worldwide made us exceptionally professional in this sector long time ago.


Our concept according to our old culture and history says: very fine arts first been brought from stones (status, monuments, pyramids. Etc), we have started to deal with stones as artist long time ago and we didnt talk the mission only business wise. This made us extremely exceptional, as business is negotiable while art is creatable but we believe in our creative artistic harmonically team members, which play creation symphony on stones instrumental orchestra, under the leadership of one of the greatest maestros ever in this sector.


In 1980, our maestro eng. Hassan Abou El Noor (President), established our first company (Noor East for import and export, trade agencies and general supplies) which has been focusing on the stone sector, and it didnt take so long for such an exceptional artistic and professional maestro to figure out that a symphony could be brought and played, but it should better be created with own sensations, feelings, visions. In 1997, our first manufacturing company (Noor East For Marble And Granite) and its production lines have been build, to serve better the quality we aim to offer to our preciously valuable customers. Since then, we kept upgrading ourselves professionally through human, industrial, and product development. 1999, we finally sourced out that, to serve better our customers and to fulfill all possibly needed requirements, we had to have our own quarries, which took place since then.


With the above-mentioned principles in mind, our group of companies aim is to supply you with the most selected marble of Egypt, with a known negotiable warranty for the following principles:

  • Quality, durability
  • Homogeneous color
  • Quick communication
  • On time delivery
  • Supply reliability
  • International export services
  • Richest quality in finishing
  • Wide selection
  • Secured packaging
  • Transportation support with the follow up and after sales services
  • Meeting special requirements